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Empathy Experience

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experiencia empatia
think twice empatia

What was the experience:

The Empathy Experience was the first project conceived and implemented by the Institute, a research journey on social and gender inequality in 40 countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.


Empathy was the guiding and facilitating thread to engage with community leaders, social organizations and businesses, remote villages, refugee camps, and other vulnerable regions.


 400 days // 

 40 countries // 

 110 cities // 

South Africa   Botswana   Namibia  >  Angola  >  Swaziland  

Mozambique   Zimbabwe   Zambia   Tanzania   Burundi   Rwanda   Uganda   Kenya   Ethiopia   Oman  >  Iran  >  Turkey   Greece   Israel  >   Egypt  Lebanon >   Jordan >  Sri Lanka   India   Bangladesh  >  Thailand  Myanmar  Cambodia  Laos   Vietnam  Malaysia >  Singapore  Indonesia  Philippines  Macau   Hong Kong   China  >  North Korea   Mongolia  South Korea


Digital Book

As a result of this journey, the digital book "Empathy Experience throughout the World" was published in Portuguese, available for free download, which also serves as a basis for the development of the content offered by the Institute.

experiencia empatia pelo mundo think twice brasil
think twice brasil

Experiences and Thoughts

Learn more about this project by browsing the articles and thoughts published about each region and organization visited.

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